About Us

Sherry Huang is truly an advocate of “bridging the gap” between China and Canada. Born in China, Sherry moved with her family to Canada as a child and is bilingual. As she grew older, she watched family and friends follow, and struggle with language. Consequently, Sherry has a unique perspective of the challenges surrounding language application and acquisition – and an excellent understanding of what truly works in language training. As a result of her own education, Sherry knows how important bilingualism can be in today’s global market and enjoys helping others learn.

A special area of interest for Sherry is language acquisition at the introductory level. She has worked to develop specialized programs for children and teenagers, keeping in mind the need for both error correction and fun! Developing and utilizing captivating, results-oriented games and activities are just a few of Sherry’s specialties! In order to fully understand the process of language integration, Sherry has visited schools throughout China to observe, research and further develop tools and methods to further enhance the PentaGlobal language training plans.

Cynthia Davis is bilingual in Canada’s official languages.

Having worked for many years with clients of the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages, Cynthia has first-hand experience with the developing top-level resources. She has worked with clients from the government including senior officials, air traffic controllers, The Department of National Defense, and Ambassadors, as well as many executives from large corporations such as General Motors and Bombardier.

A pioneer in the field of distance education, Cynthia helped to develop ESL training programs for use over the telephone. Videoconferencing was a natural extension as new technology makes learning so much more simple and interesting. In development is a program for use with Chinese children ages 10 – 13 and their performance in the standardized Graded Examinations for Spoken English examinations. While adults may be easier to teach, Cynthia has a particular interest in teaching children; her own daughter is multilingual.