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Preliminary Evaluation

You will receive a FREE, in-depth Preliminary Evaluation when you register for a PentaGlobal Package. Each Preliminary Evaluation takes between 15 and 60 minutes, depending on your current level of ability.  We assess all aspects of your oral communication skills, starting with the correct use of grammar and verb tenses and moving through vocabulary, common […]

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10-hour Package

The 10-hour Package will help polish your English speaking skills. Once your FREE Preliminary Evaluation is complete, we will develop a program specific to your needs. Class time is spent improving your oral communication skills. You will have 2 different instructors over the 10 hours in order to improve your ability to understand regional variations […]

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30-Hour Package

Imagine spending the equivalent of a full week in the company of a qualified English instructor!  You decide when the classes will fit your schedule and your instructor can make suggestions to increase how quickly you learn! Once your FREE Preliminary Evaluation is complete, your time in class time will be spent improving your oral […]

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A++ for Children

If you want the best education for your child you will choose private courses with PentaGlobal. The PentaGlobal A++ Package will give your child have the same level of care and attention that you excellent parents provide. Your child will learn to speak English from a true English speaking person. We often see children who […]