120-hour package

Feel like yourself in English with 120 hours of regular classes with your qualified PentaGlobal instructor! Arrange the hours so they work best for you!

Once your FREE Preliminary Evaluation is complete, your time in class time will be spent improving your oral communication skills. Some students will have 4 to 6 different instructors over the 120 hours in order to meet and understand many different English speaking people.

Many students who chose the 120-hour Package choose 2 hours of class 5 times each week (12 weeks). The consistency of this schedule increases the speed of learning.

120 hours with our PentaGlobal instructors will give you much time to do things like :

  • feel more at ease in expressing yourself
  • learn how to speak using complex verb tenses
  • correct your mistakes before they happen
  • be more efficient and fluent in your speaking
  • use many common English expressions
  • improve your pronunciation and enhance your vocabulary for career and social purposes.

Each PentaGlobal Package includes a FREE Preliminary Evaluation, FREE Regular Graded Evaluations, FREE Learning Enhancement Instruction, a FREE Home Study Kit, FREE Materials and SELF CONFIDENCE!



Sandra W