A++ for Children

If you want the best education for your child you will choose private courses with PentaGlobal.

The PentaGlobal A++ Package will give your child have the same level of care and attention that you excellent parents provide. Your child will learn to speak English from a true English speaking person. We often see children who have taken many, many English classes but still cannot speak. PentaGlobal instructors are trained to solve that problem in a way that is fun, motivating and effective  – for children of all ages… with no extra homework! All course material is designed to appeal to children.

There is an order of learning to develop a natural way of speaking and to unlocking the secrets of understanding both formal and informal language use! By building a trusting relationship with the instructor, your child will grow and blossom before your eyes, ready to conquer the world with their new ability!

We encourage parents to take the class with their child, or visit us anytime on the video conference!  Children love to learn!