Why PentaGlobal

PentaGlobal English Training provides the most efficient and most cost-effective way to learn the best English possible. By joining forces, languages and cultures, PentaGlobal is committed to help Chinese students have really understand English and have self-confidence to speak!

• We create a specialized, personalized course for each individual student.

• Private lessons guarantee our Instructor is focusing only on you. This is the best value for your money. You will improve your skills quickly with a qualified, English speaking instructor. You will not be listening to a classroom full of other students making mistakes, waiting for your turn to talk.

• Video Conferencing is most convenient for your schedule. Traditional classes are for the schedule of the school, not the student. Our Instructors are available when you have time.

• Our Instructors use a combination of methodologies, according to the learning style of each student. No methodology is perfect, but a combination is best!

• We hire the best teachers. In addition to academic qualifications, each instructor receives PentaGlobal Staff Training to ensure consistency. Our instructors are evaluated regularly and are expected to stay current in learning.

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